Additive Manufacturing in Construction

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Research Summary Report of B04

Process Control and Adaptive Path Planning for Additive Manufacturing Processes Based on Industrial Robots with an Extended Degree of Freedom [11.01.2023] Ekanayaka, Virama; Doctoral researcher,, Hürkamp, André; Project Leader,, TU Braunschweig, Institute of Machine Tools and Production Technology (IWF)   The integration of robot-guided additive manufacturing in the construction industry increases the degree of automation and can thus lead to an increased productivity and increased component quality. In shotcrete 3D printing (SC3DP), reproducible manufacturing results and ensuring component …

Published on 16. January 2023
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Research Summary Report of C06

Integration of Additive Manufacturing in the Construction Process [23.12.2022] Mawas, Karam; Doctoral researcher,, Gerke, Markus; Project leader,, Maboudi, Mehdi; Associated scientist,, TU Braunschweig, Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry (IGP)   Main goal In order to ensure that a robust process is followed and the printed object adheres faithfully to the designed model, continuous and automatic data capturing and inspection of the process is required. Quality control also ensures that the combination of components into objects can be …

Published on 20. December 2022
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Research Summary Report of A03

Extrusion of Near-Nozzle Mixed Concrete –Individually Graded in Density and in Rate of 3D Fibre Reinforcement [09.12.2022] M.Sc. Dahlenburg, Maximilian; TP editor,, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fottner, Johannes; Project leader,, TUM, Chair of Materials Handling, Material Flow, Logistics   The main goal of A03 is to establish a novel concrete extrusion process using a near nozzle mixing (NNM) process to enable the change and non-discrete gradation of material and its properties during printing. With this approach multi-functional and multi-material parts can be printed, with …

Published on 13. December 2022
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Research Summary Report of A01

Particle-Bed 3D Printing by Selective Cement Activation (SCA) – Particle Surface Functionalisation, Particle-Bed Compaction and Reinforcement Implementation [25.11.2022] Meier, Niklas; Researcher, Zetzener, Harald; Leading researcher, Kwade, Arno; Project Leader, all: TU Braunschweig, Institute for particle technology   The main goal of our research  in project A01 is to improve the mechanical strength and shape accuracy of the printed concrete parts as well as the printing speed. While our work at the iPAT is improving the powder properties …

Published on 2. December 2022
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Research Summary Report of C03

Integration of Passive and Active Functions in Additively Manufactured Construction Elements [18.11.2022] Auer, Thomas; PL, Briels, David; doctoral researcher, Nouman, Ahmad; doctoral researcher, all: Technical University of Munich, TUM School of Engineering and Design, Chair of Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design   This research explores the potential of AM for building components with (a) directly incorporated active performative features (e.g. ventilation, thermal activation, or building services distribution), as well as (b) passive design strategies (e.g. thermal …

Published on 29. November 2022
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Research Summary Report of B05

Principles of Mobile Robotics for Additive Manufacturing in Construction [21.10.2022] Dielemans, Gido; Doctoral researcher,, Technical University of Munich, Department of Architecture, TT Professorship Digital Fabrication   This research examines the architectural implications of mobile robotics for AM in construction and develops methods for their implementation. The material deposition method of clay and concrete extrusion 3D printing is used to investigate mobile part-based AM strategies, that is, to produce large objects whose size exceeds the static workspace of the robot. …

Published on 23. November 2022
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Research Summary Report of A08

Structural Timber by Individual Layer Fabrication (ILF) [14.10.2022] Buschmann, Birger; Doctoral researcher,, Talke, Daniel; Doctoral researcher, Henke, Klaudius; Project leader, Technical University of Munich, Chair of Timber Structures and Building Construction   The main goal of the project ‘A08 -Structural Timber by Individual Layer Fabrication (ILF)’ is to develop a process to additively manufacture large-scale, wood composite objects with a maximum content of wood material and strength values suited for applications in construction. In the course of …

Published on 17. November 2022
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Research Summary Report of A04

Integrated Additive Manufacturing Processes for Reinforced Shotcrete 3D Printing (SC3DP) Elements with Precise Surface Quality [11.11.2022] Freund, Niklas; doctoral researcher, Lowke, Dirk; project leader, all: TU Braunschweig, Institute of Building Materials and Concrete Construction and Fire Safety (iBMB) Project A04 investigates cooperative Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes based on Shotcrete 3D Printing (SC3DP) for the production of material-efficient, force-optimized, reinforced, load-bearing concrete components with precise surface quality and high geometric precision. The goal is to produce large-scale concrete elements …

Published on 15. November 2022
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Research Summary Report of A05

Integration of Individualized Prefabricated Fibre Reinforcement in Additive Manufacturing with Concrete [02.11.2022] Gantner, Stefan; Scientific Researcher,, TU Braunschweig, Institute of Structural Design (ITE)   Summary Cement-based additive manufacturing techniques need to be enhanced by the ability of integrating reinforcement, in order to fulfil requirements of construction. This project focuses on non-metallic continuous fibre reinforcement, which is not only corrosion resistant but also flexible in handling. Instead of bending and welding, glass or carbon fibre rovings can be processed by …

Published on 10. November 2022
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Research Summary Report of A02

Particle-Bed 3D Printing by Selective Cement Paste Intrusion (SPI) – Particle Surface Functionalisation, Particle Synthesis and Integration of WAAM Reinforcement [28.10.2022] Riegger, Felix; Doctoral researcher; Wimmer, Andreas; Head of the research group; All: Technical University of Munich, Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management   The main goal of project A02 is the implementation of reinforcement with Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) in concrete elements produced by Selective Paste Intrusion (SPI) by means of a simultaneously additive …

Published on 2. November 2022
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