Additive Manufacturing in Construction

Project A 04

Networking with other projects

Integrated Additive Manufacturing Processes for Reinforced Shotcrete 3D Printing (SC3DP) Elements with Precise Surface Quality

Within this project, basic research on various SC3DP strategies, materials, tools and methods will be conducted with regard to enhanced material and process control, reinforcement integration, surface quality and automation. To that end, different reinforcement materials in combination with suitable reinforcement manufacturing and integration concepts will be investigated based on force-flow optimised reinforcement alignment. Besides, design strategies as well as material and process control will be investigated in detail. Furthermore, tools and strategies for precise control of the surface quality and geometric resolution of SC3DP elements are subject of research. Finally, strategies, materials and tools elaborated within the project will be synergistically combined and validated at large scale.


  • Material efficiency by force flow optimized design
  • Integration of reinforcement
  • Precise geometry and high surface quality
  • Material and process control
  • Cooperative fabrication
  • Process automation


  • Creating a digital model of the printing process
  • Investigating force-flow-compliant reinforcement systems
  • Developing material and process control algorithms
  • Inventing suitable tools and end effectors
  • Monitoring of process and material parameters
  • Investigating and modelling rheological material properties as a function of shear history

Networking with other projects

The A04 Project is linked to many other projects on three different Layers. Firstly, the process of SC3DP serves especially the C-Projects as basis for their research as A04 provides test-specimens and data of 3D-printed concrete e.g. for milling connections in C05. Secondly, A04 cooperates with B03 and B04 to monitor the process and its parameters to make it more stable and develop simulations of the process. Lastly, the A-Projects themselves exchange process parameters and techniques for reinforcement integration methods for e.g. post processing of concrete or end effector designs.

Project leaders

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Dröder Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Kloft Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dirk Lowke


Dr.-Ing. Abtin Baghdadi M. Sc. David Böhler M. Sc. Martin David M. Sc. Robin Dörrie M. Sc. Niklas Freund M. Sc. Anna Marie Opolka M. Sc. Jennifer Rudolph

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