Additive Manufacturing in Construction

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Challenges of Additive Manufacturing – Technical Regulations and Qualification Requirements

As a first step and according to the gap in theory, C07 considers a fundamental framework to evaluate the new processes from design to production in AM to analyse the new operation factors and to allocate them to the required process- technological and qualification-related parameters. Subsequently, the results are categorised and transferred into 1) regulatory concepts (RC) and 2) qualification concepts (QC). RC focus on correlating design and production parameters to final product properties and the correlated quality assessment while QC are aligned to the associated profiles of competences and qualifications and to related processes of and access to learning and development in the context of AM.

The following clips contains a short description of the networking of C 07 with other subprojects, an explanation of the subproject and its procedure in the form of a screencast.

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Project leaders

Prof. Dr. phil. Daniel Pittich Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Winter


M. Sc. Birger Buschmann M. Ed. Tobias Ludwig M. Sc. Daniel Talke

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