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I – Information Infrastructure Project

The service project Information Infrastructure serves and supports all information and data infrastructure aspects of the TRR 277 in close cooperation with the Leibniz-Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) and the University Library at the Technical University of Munich and the University Library Braunschweig.

One aspect of the project comprises services facilitation, the fostering of internal collaboration, and the construction of a virtual common research environment to support the research projects in handling, storing and sharing data, and collaborative document handling. This includes backup and archive services for the long-term storage of research data. Work on this aspect is being conducted in cooperation with the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre and in close consultation with the Gauß-IT Center of TU Braunschweig.

Another aspect of this project, which is of central importance, is the efficient and long-term usability of research data generated, the specific support of its members‘ research data management, and the demand-oriented targeted transfer of research data to both University Libraries as well as an intensive exchange with initiatives (e.g. NFDI). In addition to the conception of a research data management plan, a training and qualification program for the fundamentals of reproducible research and data management will be conceived and implemented in close cooperation with both university libraries.

Project leaders

Dr. rer. nat. Christine Wolter


Dr. Silke Sturm

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