Additive Manufacturing in Construction

Associated Scientists

Associated scientists and research groups whose scientific profile is closely related to the AMC and its projects. Associates are invited to participate in all AMC events and are supported by the AMC in the realization of their own projects. Proposals and invitations can be formulated by any AMC scientist to the AMC Executive Director. The spokespersons finally decide on an association.


Associated Scientists

Team Leader for Extrusion-Based Additive Manufacturing of Concrete at the TUM School of Engineering and Design

Chair of Concrete and Masonry Structures

Associated Scientists

is TT-assistant Professor at the Professorship of Structural Design –Technical University of Munich. In his doctoral research the focus is on vector- based 3D graphic statics and design of spatial structures based on the relation between form and forces.

Professorship of Structural Design

Associated Scientists

Torben Gädt is professor at the Chemistry Department at TU Munich. He holds the chair for the Chemistry of Construction Materials. The research of his group is focused on admixture driven concrete design with a special focus on the rheology and hydration kinetics of inorganic binder phases. He will support the work of the TRR 277 as an expert in rheology-control of mineral construction materials with admixtures.

Lehrstuhl für Bauchemie

Associated Scientists

is Professor at the Institute of Applied Mechanics (IAM) –Technical University of Braunschweig . In his habilitation the focus is on computational homogenization and reduced order modelling of diffusion processes in fluid-saturated porous media.

Institute of Applied Mechanics (IAM)


Associated Scientists

is Professor at the School of Social Science and Technology ( Department of Educational Sciences) –Technical University of Munich. In her research she focuses on Education and learning Sciences.

School of Social Science and Technology


Associated Scientists

Prof. Krafft has provided significant support to the TRR277 project A06 at the metallography and thus contributes to the successful progress of the project A06.

Labor für Werkstofftechnik

Guest researchers
Associated Scientists

Dr. Vittoria Laghi is a post-doc researcher in Structural Design at University of Bologna, Italy. Her expertise lies in metal additive manufacturing (AM) solutions for structural applications, with specific focus on Wire-and-Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM). Dr. Laghi has contributed as guest researcher since 2021 in TP A07 for the design of new optimized solutions for construction. In particular, she visited TU Braunschweig as guest researcher for several month at the end of 2021, during which she worked on innovative diagrid solutions for pillars realized with WAAM dot-by-dot printing strategy. Both design and fabrication activities were carried out at ITE and DBFL. Additional studies were carried out on possible combination of WAAM dot-by-dot with shotcrete 3D printing (SC3DP) through a collaboration between AMC projects A07 and A04. From this, the FloWall concept was developed and presented in various competitions, winning important awards such as the Special Mention by Autodesk at 3D Pioneers Challenge 2022 and the Iconic award for its disruptive concept. The research outcomes of this collaborations were also presented in a publication accepted in MDPI Buildings journal. Dr. Laghi’s activities as guest researcher continued also in 2022, during which she supervised the research activities of A07 for the structural design part. She is supposed to become Project Leader in funding phase 2 within A07. Dr. Laghis’ cooperation within the AMC also contributes in exchanging activities between the German and Italian universities, by bringing Italian Master’s students at TU Braunschweig to pursue part of their Master’s Thesis abroad within the AMC program. So far, two Master’s students from University of Bologna (Lidiana Arrè and Edoardo Benvenuti) have participated in the exchange program to pursue their Master’s Thesis at TU Braunschweig under the co-supervision of Dr. Laghi and Prof. Dr. Kloft.

Institute of Structural Design (ITE)

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering, ALMA MATER STUDIORUM – Università di Bologna

Associated Scientists

is Professor at School of Engineering and Design, Department of Materials Engineering – Technical University of Munich. In her doctoral research the focus is on dolomite calcined clay composite cement.

School of Engineering and Design, Department of Materials Engineering
cbm – Centre for Building Materials, Professorship for Mineral Construction Materials (MCM)


Associated Scientists

is Professor of „Construction Materials “ at Regensburg University of Applied Sciences. She is Head of Concrete Laboratory and Head of Construction Materials Laboratory. Furthermore she coordinates all scientific and organisational work regarding testing and material modelling.

Professorship „Construction Materials “

Associated Scientists

Henning Wessels completed his PhD on thermo-mechanical modeling of powder bed fusion processes at Leibniz University Hannover (LUH) in 2019. During his Ph.D. he spent six months at the University of California, Berkeley. After a Postdoc at LUH, he has been appointed Assistant Professor for data-driven modeling and simulation of mechanical systems at the Technical University of Braunschweig in May 2021. His research aims to improve and augment physics-based numerical models from the field of computational mechanics using machine learning techniques. In the AMC, Henning Wessels is collaborating with Jonas Hensel and Stefan Kollmannsberger on data-driven approaches that help to decipher the process-structure-property (PSP) interaction inherent to additive manufacturing processes.

Institute for computational modeling in civil engineering

Associated Scientists

Profile text soon to come!

Institute of Structural Analysis (ISD)