Additive Manufacturing in Construction

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Kloft

AMC Board
Project leader
Current location: TU Braunschweig
Institute: Institute of Structual Design

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Kloft leads the scientific staff in the orientation and execution of the design process creation and supports them in an advisory capacity in the creation of test geometries and demonstrators. He is responsible for the content and organisational coordination of all work on the part of ITE.
He instructs the research engineer at ITE in the conceptual structure, execution and evaluation of the theoretical and experimental research work.
He is the spokesperson of the TRR 277. He serves as contact person for the DFG and represents the TRR 277 externally. Internally, Prof. Kloft is chairman of the executive board of TRR 277 as well as of the project leaders and the general assembly. He is responsible for the management and settlement of funds and for the convening of board meetings and general meetings in cooperation with 3). Additionally, he is involved in the coordination between the research projects and oversees the aims of TRR 277. Prof. Kloft is also responsible, assisted by 2), for the coordination of general public relation matters in close cooperation with the communication facilities TUBS Communications and Press Service (TUBS-CPS) and the TUM Corporate Communications Center (TUM CCC).


Integrated Additive Manufacturing Processes for Reinforced Shotcrete 3D Printing (SC3DP) Elements with Precise Surface Quality

Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) of Complex Individualized Steel Components

Earth Additive Manufacturing (EAM) – Material and Process Combinations for AM with Earth-based Materials

Jointing Principles for Combination of Concrete Elements Produced by Different Additive Manufacturing Processes

Central Tasks of the AMC

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