Additive Manufacturing in Construction

Journalist of the computer magazine c´t visited the AMC

Journalist of the computer magazine c´t visited the AMC

We are excited! The AMC – TRR 277 is in the latest issue of c’t. Europe’s largest IT- and tech- magazine from Heise Verlag (heise online) visited the AMC at the end of September and we talked about the research of the AMC, the special features of 3D-printing in construction and the potential it offers. Now the exciting article on the topic -Revolution in construction: 3D printing saves material and enables new forms- has been published in the current issue. Many thanks to Kathrin Dörfler, Harald Kloft, Dirk Lowke, Dr. Norman Hack and Janna Vollrath for your interviews and input.
You can find the article here:




Braunschweig, October 2022



About the AMC:

The Collaborative Research Center Transregio TRR 277 Additive Manufacturing in Construction (AMC) aims to fundamentally research additive manufacturing (3D printing) as a novel digital manufacturing technology for construction. In the interdisciplinary, cross-location research project, the two universities TU Braunschweig and TU Munich, pursue the novel manufacturing approach for the construction industry. Additive manufacturing can develop into a key technology for the digitalization of the construction industry. Complex research questions on materials, process engineering, control, modeling, design and construction are being investigated holistically by scientists from the fields of civil and mechanical engineering.


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Journalist of the computer magazine c´t visited the AMC


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