Additive Manufacturing in Construction

Focus Area B

The experimentally driven investigations of focus area A ‘Materials and Processes‘ are enhanced by the corresponding projects of focus area B ‘Computational Modelling and Control’. All AM processes will be developed by taking into account assigned digital feedback obtained by computational modelling and process control. The aim of focus area B is the development of novel models and efficient discretisation schemes for numerical simulation of material–process interactions relevant to additive manufacturing processes in construction. From the modelling point of view, the focus is on the rheological behaviour of concrete during extrusion (B02, B03) and on the thermo-mechanical behaviour of steel during selective laser melting (B01). On the computational side, a suite of discretisation procedures will be developed, including DEM, FEM, and Lattice Boltzmann methods. Additionally, the coupling of multiple discretisation techniques will be required due to the complexity of the described phenomena.

During the first funding period, primarily A projects A03, A04 and A07, for which sufficient information about the material behaviour is available from preliminary research, will be supported with modelling and simulations (B01-B03). In the course of the second funding period, the area of computational modelling will be expanded to all A projects. Furthermore, a special focus will be on process control and path planning for the robot-assisted AM techniques. Therefore, project B04 is tied to the robotic manufacturing methods of projects A04 and A05. Project B 05 is related to project A03. Kathrin Dörfler, freshly appointed professor for Digital Fabrication at TU Munich, will focus on the integration of mobile robots in the extrusion-based AM process of A03 by investigating the principles of mobile robotics for AM and the potential opportunities that these processes can bring to on-site construction.

Project B 03

Taylor-Couette simulation of Bingham Fluid Phase-field simulation of falling droplet Granular Particle Image velocimetry of jet Phase-field simulation of jet Networking with other projects Modelling a…

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Martin Geier Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manfred Krafczyk
Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Kutscher
Project B 04

Project Scope Website Path Planning Sensorization Networking with other projects Process Control and Adaptive Path Planning for Additive Manufacturing Processes Based on Industrial Robots with an Exte…

Dr.-Ing. André Hürkamp Prof. Dr.-Ing. Annika Raatz
M. Sc. Virama Ekanayaka M. Sc. Hauke Heeren
Project B 05

Figure 1: Mobile part-based AM: Fabrication scenario of a stay-in-place formwork carried out by a mobile robot. Figure 2: Two mobile robotic systems; left system is equipped with clay extrusion setup….

Prof. Dr. sc. ETH Kathrin Dörfler
M. Sc. Gido Dielemans Dipl. Ing. Julia Fleckenstein M. Sc. David Richter

Project B 06

Networking with other projects Material Modelling and Simulation of Deposition AM Processes on the Part Scale This project aims at providing a modelling and simulation approach across the scales start…

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Jänicke Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Stefan Kollmannsberger
Dr. Knut Andreas Meyer

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