Additive Manufacturing in Construction

Prof. Dr. sc. ETH Kathrin Dörfler

AMC Board
Project leader
Head of Gender Equality
Current location: TU München
Institute: TT-Professorship Digital Fabrication
OrcidiD: 0000-0001-6557-5604

leads the scientific staff in the conception and execution of the research, and in questions of validation of the proposed methods. She is also responsible for the coordination of the cooperating research projects in the TRR 277. She is the Co-Spokesperson of the TRR 277.

Dörfler supports Kloft as contact person for the DFG, in general public relation matters and also in representing the TRR 277 externally. Internally, Dörfler assists Kloft in the coordination between the research projects, as well as in the decisions on the financing of research tasks in the TRR 277.


Earth Additive Manufacturing (EAM) – Material and Process Combinations for AM with Earth-based Materials

Principles of Mobile Robotics for Additive Manufacturing in Construction

Learning, Sustainability, Design: Gender-equitable introduction of AMC to the public

Central Tasks of the AMC

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