Additive Manufacturing in Construction

Prof. Dr. sc. ETH Zurich Dipl. Ing. M.A. AA Norman Hack

AMC Board
Project leader
Current location: TU Braunschweig
Institute: Institute of Structural Design
OrcidiD: 0000-0002-5261-6726

is supervising ITE`s requested doctoral researcher during all phases of the research. Additionally, he is actively involved in the conceptual phase, developing reinforcement concepts for the different AM methods.


Integration of Individualized Prefabricated Fibre Reinforcement in Additive Manufacturing with Concrete

Injection 3D Concrete Printing (I3DCP) – Material Efficient Lightweight Reinforced Concrete Structures Based on Spatially Complex Strut-and-Tie-Models

Integration of Additive Manufacturing in the Construction Process

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