Additive Manufacturing in Construction

Research Highlights of the 1st funding period (2020-2023)

Take a look at all the highlights of the TRR 277 AMC projects. The videos show the project and their achievements of the entire first four years at a glance. In short presentations you will learn about the main findings, collaborations and gain an overview of the publications and the people behind the projects.

This overview was produced at the last AMC Conference in October 2023. The AMC Conference focused on the future of construction with 3D printing technologies. Researchers from the Technical University of Braunschweig and the Technical University of Munich, part of TRR 277 AMC, aim to make construction more resource-efficient, lower-emission, and economical through innovative 3D printing processes. The conference provided insights into AMC’s research areas, including materials and processes, computer-aided modeling and control, and design and construction. Furthermore Keynote speaker Professor Achim Menges emphasizes a paradigm shift in environmentally friendly and economical construction.

The Collaborative Research Centre AMC explores the digitalization of construction, using 3D printing to combine economic and ecological requirements. The approach involves digitally controlled planning and layering, optimizing shape and significantly reducing resource consumption and CO2 emissions. Professors Kloft and Dörfler highlight the potential of additive manufacturing to reshape construction practices sustainably. In addition the conference featured visionary keynotes from experts at ETH Zurich and the University of Stuttgart. Finally, Professors Blocksdorf and Hack discussed the integration of 3D printing in architecture for innovative design possibilities. Collaborative demonstrators, showcasing 3D-printed building objects, were presented during the event, too.

In the sessions focusing on the TRR 277 AMC Focus Areas A, B and C, each project highlighted its key achievements and research findings. The corresponding video sequences for each project are also available for you to learn more about our results.

Furthermore, there is the option to watch all conference sessions on video. Take a look.

Braunschweig, 10th Novembre 2023


About TRR 277 AMC:

The Collaborative Research Center TRR 277 Additive Manufacturing in Construction (AMC) is dedicated to advancing research in the field of construction, with a focus on leveraging 3D printing technology to revolutionize sustainable and energy-efficient building practices. Through innovation and collaboration, the center aims to usher in a new era for the construction industry. In the interdisciplinary, cross-location and dfg-funded research project, the two universities TU Braunschweig and TU Munich, pursue the novel manufacturing approach for the construction industry. Additive manufacturing can develop into a key technology for the digitalization of the construction industry. Complex research questions on materials, process engineering, control, modeling, design and construction are being investigated holistically by scientists from the fields of civil and mechanical engineering.


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