Additive Manufacturing in Construction

Project B 02, Associated


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Discrete Element Modelling of Concrete Additive Manufacturing Extrusion Technology

In this project, a near-nozzle mixing and compacting system for concrete extrusion is to be developed. Innovatively the pumpability of the concrete no longer needs to be taken into account. Additives such as light-weight aggregates can be added zonewise as required. To investigate the mixing, conveying and compaction process, a virtual prototype based on a parameterized 3D CAD variant design is developed and analysed kinematically and kinetically with DEM model variants. Suitable viscous DEM concrete models have to be developed and calibrated. The investigations result in a digital twin which enables the machine construction for the A03 project and virtually accompanies the investigations for additive concrete recipes as well as the reinforcement approaches in A03.

Project leaders

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Fottner


Prof. André Katterfeld